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Creating a Website On Weebly

 Creating a Website on Weebly

Weebly is an easy to use website builder that helps you create a website within minutes. In my blog post about Weebly, I explained the features and plans that they offer. One of the best features Weebly offers is the drag-n-drop elements you can use to create each page of your website. In this first video, I will walk you through a few steps on creating a website using Weebly. In this blog post, I will explain all the different pages you can add to your website. This is so you can have better understanding of type of pages you can have on your website. I will also explain what you can change on your theme, along with all the different elements you can drag-n-drop to your website to build your pages. Let's get started!

Different Types of Pages

1. Standard Page
A standard page on Weebly is a normal page that you will build on. This type of page you can create all different kinds of informational pages such as; about, contact, shop policies, home page, portfolio, and many more. Make a list of all the pages you would need to include on your website. This will help you create pages quickly and give you an idea of what type of information you will need at your website.

2. Blog Page
A blog page pretty much explains itself. It's a blog that is hosted on your website through Weebly. A blog is a great way yo showcase your products and to speak about topics related your business.

3. Category Page
A category page is a page that shows all the categories you've created in your shop on Weebly. You can build off of this page but you are only allowed to build on top of your categories. By doing this, you will be pushing your categories to the bottom of your page.

4. Product Page
A product page is one of your products in your shop. You can build off this page at the bottom of your product image and details. All your product information will stay at the top of your product page and all the elements you add to this page will be at the bottom of the page. 

4. External Page
This page is a link that will take your visitors to a different website. For example, if your blog is hosted on a different platform than Weebly, you can add and external page with your blog link. 

5. Non-clickable Menu
This is a menu button on your navigation menu bar that your visitors can't click on. This would be good to use if you would like to create a drop-down menu for multiple pages that are similar in topic. For example, if you have a lot of informational pages such as; about, policies, FAQ, etc, you can group all of these within a non-clickable drop-down menu. All the pages you add to this non-clickable drop-down menu will be clickable and take your visitors to the page they click on.

Customizing Your Theme

Each Weebly Theme has different features you can change. For the most part, you can change the colors and fonts to the items on your theme below. I will include a 'C' if you can change the color and I'll include a 'F' if you can change the font.

1. Header Area
Site Title - C & F
Navigation Menu - F
Phone Number - C & F
Headline - C & F
Sub-headline - C & F

2. General
Paragraph Titles - C & F
Paragraph Text - C & F
Links - C
Buttons - F
Blockquotes  - C & F
Blog Post Tiles - C & F

3. Media
Image Captions - F
Gallery Captions - F
Slideshow Captions - F

4. Store
Product Element - C & F

5. Footer (with paid plan)

Paragraph Titles - C & F
Paragraph Text - C & F
Links - C
Blockquotes  - C & F

Drag-n-drop Elements

Weebly offers a tons of drag-n-drop elements you can use on your website. A lot of them are self-explained. I will explain a few of them so you can understand them a little better. 

1. Basic Elements
Gallery - a group of images
Slideshow - a slide of images
Contact Form
Newsletter Form
Embed Code - to add HTML coding to your site

2. Structure
Section - pre-designs sections you can add to your page to help you get started on building your page.
Divider - a lined divider to brake up sections
Spacer - adds space in between elements

3. Media
HD Video (paid plan)
Audio (paid plan)
Sctibd Document - upload a PDF or document to your page for visitors to read and download
File - upload a file for your visitors to download to their computers

4. Ecommerce

5. More
Search Box (paid plan)
Block Quote
Social Icons
Google AdSense
Cookie Opt Out

 Creating A Website On Weebly

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